Unify - Intelligent Mobile Dialer


Unify is the first mobile app on the market that combines handling of Contacts, Chat, mobile network based calling and SMS within the same app while providing a full presence overview on all of your contacts.

Check your friends, family members, business partners and coworkers availability before you contact and don’t waste your time on making unsuccessful contact attempts.

Preserve your privacy, show your availability to your contacts and let them know when and how you want to be contacted. Your spare and private time is important.

Unify works together with your SIM-based mobile subscription, works on any mobile network and works almost anywhere in the world, all your phone needs is an internet connection.

First presence enabled contact solution for both Android and soon on iOS.

Download Unify

Unify – Intelligent Mobile Dialer is under construction but can soon be downloaded from the AppStores. 

Unify Features

Unify is an app which replaces your native phone dialer with a smart dialler that provides real-time presence overview of your contacts and includes the following features:

  • Super smart phone dialer with full presence overview of your contacts
  • Simple and intuitive design
  • Works seamlessly with your native Android functions: Contacts, Dialler, SMS, Email & more
  • Unify provides call state presence (Phone on/off, Busy In a call, Roaming abroad) on any SIM-based mobile subscription
  • App will automatically show you Busy and “In a call” when you are making mobile calls
  • Preserve your privacy, set your own status manually and include an absence reason to let your contacts know when and how to contact you
  • Automatically set your status to Do not disturb when you mute your phone or Away when you set it to vibrate only
  • App provides a full overview of your contacts availability and their willingness to communicate
  • Open the app, check your contacts status and click ones to call them
  • Create your own Favourites and Groups to quickly find and contact them
  • Search function that quickly provides an overview of your contacts and their availability
  • See who called you and easily call back
  • Forward calls and check your Voicemail from within the app
  • Initiate calls, send SMS or Threads based Chat messages or e-mail your contacts directly within the app
  • Activate “Notification” with long-press on contact and automatically get a reminder when a contact becomes available

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