Mobile Presence for Microsoft Teams

Push real time mobile status directly into your Microsoft Teams platform.

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Brand new mobile presence for Microsoft Teams


Show a user Busy even when in a mobile call

Merge mobile call state with your Teams communication platform and make it even more powerful. It's a new unique service, built on open and flexible technology, to improve the overall communication in Microsoft Teams.


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Same purpose, different options for mobile presence collection

Mobile Client - Mobile operator independent

We have developed a unique mobile app which allows us to collect mobile presence information straight from the mobile handset and make it available for any other system. The solution works in any country, cross-border, on any phone with any mobile carrier without the need for sticky integration with a mobile operator.


Network Integration - Mobile operator dependent

For Mobile operators, our cloud solution will be integrated with your network by means of one of a large range of different types of Presence Network Agents supporting amongst others integration with SIP/IMS, CAMEL and Open API based third party products such as e.g. Cisco/BroadSoft.

Ever tried to call people on Teams just to find out they don’t answer because they are busy in a mobile call on their smartphone?


Avoid cold contact. Aim for

Complete solution

Better communication

Unique technology

New Unique service

Mobile presence for Microsoft is a brand new technology as an extra service for your Teams platform, to merge your mobile solution with your communication platform. Be one of the first to get mobile presence for your Microsoft Teams communication solution.

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Cloud service

The Presence solution is delivered as a cloud service / Software as a Service (SaaS)


Supports any mobile network.
Dantelo offer a 24/7 support


We offer a thorough advisement of our solutions and how they fit your needs

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