Extend your current or future PBX solution with intelligent mobile presence

Do you want to add real-time mobile presence to your customers PBX solution?

A better communication solution for any size business

Real-time mobile presence

Presence technology offloads the burden of knowing different handles for email and IM, as well as all the phone numbers that can be associated with users. A user can click on another user’s name in the PBX and switchboard interface and see whether they are available or not.

Why choose Mobile presence?

See whos available

With mobile presence you can always see your colleagues availability. Availability information creates a better internal communication.

Better customer experience

Answer your customers inquiries and be able to always transfer their calls to available colleagues. Avoid letting your customers hang by avoiding cold transfers. 

Better communication flow

Contacting your colleagues when they are available creates a better communication atmosphere. Spend time on whats important instead of making cold calls.

Visualize your communication

Because presence technology in tandem with status-setting provides real-time information on a person’s availability, applications that are presence-enabled can make smart choices about how to communicate with a user. The result


. Ease of Collaboration

. Better Customer Service

. Better Internal Processes

Wanna know more about the solution?

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