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Skype for Business Mobile Communication App

NetReception-S is specifically designed for corporations who want to use mobile devices and mobile network based voice communication together with their Skype for Business Online solution as their preferred corporate Unified Communications solution without the need for heavy and costly server products.

NetReception-S logs into and works in concert with Skype for Business Online and provides most of the features of Skype for Business together with mobility.

Microsofts own Skype for Business mobile client only detects and publishes user availability for calls connected through Skype for Business. To eliminate this problem, we invented NetReception-S which adds GSM mobile call status.

NetReception-S creates a hybrid between Skype for Business Online and your mobile network based voice communication solution. The solution provides a fast and correct overview of your Skype for Business colleague’s availability based also on their mobile device presence and thereby ensures quick and effective contact to your colleagues at all times.

In doing so NetReception-S will increase productivity of company users by up to 10 % and lowers calling costs while simplifying cooperation between people on the go and those in the office considerably.



Ever tried to call people on Skype for Business just to find out they don’t answer because they are busy in a mobile call on their smartphone? Microsofts own Skype for Business mobile client only detects and publishes user availability for calls made from within the app it self. To eliminate this problem we invented NetProxy-S.

NetProxy-S adds mobile call status information in real time directly into the Microsoft Skype for Business system. Both Skype for Business Online and Enterprise Server is supported by the app.

Upon an incoming or outgoing mobile call the user status in Skype for Business will change to “Busy” and the users Note, which is customizable, will indicate, that the user is now e.g. “Busy on mobile”.

The result of NetProxy-S is that it provides a more correct overview of any users availability and leads to no more calls to users who are busy in mobile calls.

NetProxy-S increases user productivity, first call resolution and user satisfaction and gives corporations a much improved client perception of the company.

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With NetProxy it is now possible to get mobile presence information directly from your phone. NetProxy collects and sends Mobile busy, Mobile available, Mobile abroad “country”, Mobile busy “country” and Mobile off.

NetProxy registers on the NetPresence Mobile Presence server, which collects mobile status from all NetProxy devices in the company and passes it on to a variety of third party switchboard and desktop solutions as well as to a large number of various PBX vendor solutions. See the list of solutions here: NetPresence cloud server

With NetProxy companies are no longer dependent on having to have a special business plan with- nor are they no longer dependent on whether their -mobile operators offers this service or not. Companies can choose their own mobile provider og subscription and can easily move from one mobile operator to another without any problems with this service.

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Unify Team Collaboration

Unify is an intelligent phone book and team collaboration app. It handles all your contacts, gives you a full overview of mobile presence and availability, share content and thoughts with the one-to-one and team-based chats, push mobile presence into your Skype for Business solution or connect it to your current PBX solution.

With Unify your company can work even smarter and more efficiently!

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