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ColleagueView is a program released by Dantelo ApS of Denmark.

THE USE OF COLLEAGUEVIEW REQUIRES A SUBSCRIPTION PROVIDED BY DANTELO. To sign up for the service please contact us, se below.

ColleagueView is a presence enabled corporate phonebook and personal assistant service for use on smartphones and tablets that gives all members of the service an immediate overview of their contacts, and most importantly their availability.

The ColleagueView app will track your mobile call state, calendar entries and your manually set availability and feed this information to other users, so that they can see when you are available for contact.

In using ColleagueView you can define and determine when other members can reach you by either setting your absence manually or by adding a calendar entry. The ColleagueView app will show your availability based on these settings and hence you can avoid being disturbed when you don’t want to


If the Service Provider is different from your SIM card provider, then enter the Service Provider settings. Enter the 5 or 6 digit code provided by your Service Provider and press “Update”. If the service is provided by Dantelo then use Service Provider code 23800 and press “Update”.

Now enter your phone number including the international prefix e.g. +45 12345678 and your password and press the “Sign in” button.


Now hit the “Menu” button in the top right corner and enter into Settings.

– Notification
  • Enable/Disable new message notifications
  • Define the ringtone to be used when a new notification arrives
  • Enable/Disable the phones vibrate function to alert you whenever a new notification arrives
– Display
  • Enable/Disable ColleagueView icon to be visible on status bar of your phone. If you pull down the status bar, you can enter ColleagueView from here or see your current status.
  • Enable/Disable force screen Auto Rotate Lock allows you to override the device default orientation and have it lock to either Portrait or Landscape at all times.
  • Lock screen to desired orientation.
– Automation
  • Enable Automation (If yes):
  • When Muted: Your status will be set to “Do Not Disturbe” when you silence your phone
  • When on Vibrate: Your status will be set to Away when you set your phone to Vibrate only
  • Calendar Providers: Select the calendar(s) you wish to synchronize ColleagueView with, multiple calendars can be selected. Any entry in any of your selected calendar(s) and marked as Busy, will mark you as Busy: In a meeting: “Interval” on ColleagueView
  • Auto Start ColleagueView: If enabled ColleagueView will automatically be opened upon an incoming call and other call handling settings will be performed via the ColleagueView phone.
– Lync settings
  • If you wish the app to synchronize status with a Skype for Business 2015 enterprise system, then activate it and enter your SkypefB credentials. ColleagueView will now publish presence directly into SkypefB.

After you have done your settings head back to the memberlist page by pressing the “back” button on your phone until you get there.



Once back on the memberlist page you will again see the page which shows a list of all members from the corporate directory and their aggregated presence states displayed on the screen in real-time.

The presence state of your members is displayed by means of a colored icon.

Grey = User signed out or Phone is offline, Green = Available, Yellow = Away, Red = Busy in a call or Do Not Disturb, Blue = Mobile Roaming “Country” meaning extra cost may apply.

Additional information is provided in text to highlight certain aspects of the members availability. This could be the case if the corporate user is in a meeting, absent, busy in a call on the mobile, abroad or the mobile is switched off.

On the bottom of the main page there is the bottom blue bar, which provides some quick launch buttons for:

ic_action_collections_toggle_list_view_grouped   The Display icon allows you to sort the member list either alphabetically or on department level
ic_detail_calendar   The Calendar icon allows you to go directly into your calendar on the phone
ic_detail_profile   The Contacts icon allows you to go directly into your phone address book
ic_detail_user   The Instant Messaging icon will take you to the Instant Messaging overview page, where you can see all your active IM threads

Setting Notification alert when user is busy or absent

If a member is unavailable i.e. shows up with a grey, red or yellow icon you can set a notification to be alerted whenever this member is available again. To do so click on the coloured icon or make a long press on the member name field and set “Receive notification”. In the settings menu, you can define how you want to receive the alert.


Press the Search icon ic_action_search and enter any search string to help find a specific member. Search on Department, Phone number and member Name


By clicking on a member on the main page the application provides you with a more detailed overview of all presence statuses available for this member collected from various sources.

Here you can enable the member to be present in your “Favourites” list by highlighting the favourites icon ic_star_select_border of the member.

The aggregated user status as set by ColleagueView from all sources is shown.

A calendar appointment bar is shown to indicate the user availability the next 8 hours and below that you can see meeting appointments from the user calendar.

The member details page also provides the bottom blue bar with one-click buttons to easily contact this member how you wish:

ic_detail_phone   Make a call to the member
ic_action_sms   Send text SMS to member
ic_content_send_email   Send an email to member
ic_detail_user   Send an IM to member


To set your own personal status click on the My Status icon ic_menu_myplacesin the blue top bar showing your own name and availability represented by an icon which takes you to the Manual status settings page.

  • Under “User Status” a pull down list let’s you select various predefined absence reasons
  • Under the pull down list you may enter a personal message accompanied with the absence reason
TRANSFERRING AN ONGONG CALL (Service depends on your carrier)

With ColleagueView you can transfer an incoming call to a member as follows:

  • Answer the incoming call
  • Launch ColleagueView (If Autostart is set under Settings/Automation/Auto Start Colleagueview launch is set, the app will automatically open.)
  • Click on the member you want to transfer the ongoing call to:
  • Escorted call transfer (Announce the caller):
    • Click on the dial icon ic_detail_phone , the member is being called and you can talk to her/him before transferring the call
    • If the member declines the call  then cancel this call and pick up the Held call in using the phone dialer menu
    • If the member is ready to take the call then press the transfer ic_action_transfer icon
    • The call is now transferred to the member and you are ready for next call
      • Blind call transfer (No announcement of caller):
        • Click on the dial icon ic_detail_phone , the member is being called
        • When you hear the phone ringing then press the ic_action_transfer button
        • The call is now transferred to the member and you are ready for next call


Displays information about the ColleagueView app and how to reach us and how to reach this guideline.


Here you can logout of ColleagueView service and set yourself to “Signed off” in the system.


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