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Presence is the key to

Unified Communications


Merge with mobile presence and extend your UC system. Why?


Mobile presence helps optimise and streamline the communication between internal and external colleagues in every enterprise.


Utilising presence capabilities in your every day work provides user productivity gains of up to 10% to all types of users within an organisation.


Every aspect of collaboration requires or is enhanced by knowing whether colleagues are available for communication, based on what device they are using.


Include your mobile workforce in any of your communication systems even if they are away from the office and avoid switching calls to them if they are busy in mobile calls.

We offer solutions for


Are you one of many enterprises who use Microsoft Teams for collaboration? We help you implement your mobile solution to push mobile status into the platform. Work more efficient by being able to see when people are in a call.

Service providers

Do your enterprise customers use Microsoft Teams? Offer them real time mobile status, by merging their mobile solution with Microsoft Teams, and let them see when users are in a call.

Software as
a service

Digital Architecture

Combining technical knowledge and business sense, through a skilled team with a vast experience in creating innovative solutions.


Supporting organisations to quickly and easily implement digital customer onboarding experiences that can be fully managed and updated by the business stakeholders.


Dantelo believes in delivering products to what clients deserve. Our experience with suppliers' solutions has been key to identifying gaps in industry solutions.

Clients and partners

Need to extend
your product portfolio?


Bringing our clients perspectives to solutions

Discovery phase

We observe customers perspective: clients and their users, so that we can understand the different needs and motivations in an in-depth approach.

Creation process

Involving end-users, business and technology stakeholders is the key to blending a solution with different ideas.

Ideation and design

Even the best idea needs to be tested and evaluated before it can be produced. At this stage, concepts are evaluated in order to know the necessary conditions to make every solution feasible and agile.


Dantelos Agile offer is set on value discovery, solution design and customer delight foundations, and adapted to the value-based economy of Client's digital ecosystem.

Meet your customers needs

Mobile Presence is something you need to keep your customers engaged and your employees' internal communication productive. 

The demand for merging mobile solutions into 3rd party communication systems is growing. Let's chat about how we can help you grow with a mobile presence solution.