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  • Mobile presence for Skype for Business

    • Mobile GSM call status push directly into Skype for Business

    • See if your colleague is available on his mobile phone in Skype for Business

    • Never call a colleague unnecessarily on his mobile phone

    • We offer both a server and mobile app based solution

  • Pure mobile UC solutions

    • Increase business productivity

    • Combine all employees in one communication solution

    • Create mobility between employees' mobile phones and various communications solutions such as Microsoft - Skype for Business, Aastra, TRIO

  • Mobile switchboard via the cloud

    • Pure-mobile switchboard that works on all mobile networks

    • Mobile-, calendar- and user -status combined in one solution for easy, quick and effective communication with available colleagues

    • Contact colleagues simply and directly from within the app via mobile voice calls, SMS, IM or email

    • Easy cooperation between people in and outside the office makes your employees more efficient and save money

    • Works on Android and Apple smartphones


Pure mobile solutions strengthen your business

In Denmark, more than every third company has selected a pure mobile solution. There are many reasons and it is not just about cost savings. It’s all in just as much to use mobile options to make everyday life more efficient, provide better customer service, and enhance cooperation in the company.

With Dantelo’s products, that work on all mobile networks, you can provide a formidable customer service while making your employees become more efficient, which all together benefits your business. Experiences of our customers shows that they typically achieve an increase worker efficiency of between 4 and 10% per employee.

Our products have a wealth of exciting features that ensure that your employees get a day when they can work effectively – regardless of time and place and, thus reducing their workflow considerably and reduces stress.

At the same time our products integrate easily and painlessly with a wealth of existing stationary telephony and Unified Communications solutions from other providers such as Skype for Business, Aastra, TotalView, TRIO o. Like.