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Unify – Team Collaboration is an app that incorporates presence enabled Contacts, Calling, Chat and SMS into one single app.

Check your friends, family and business contacts availability before attempting to contact them and avoid spending time on non-successful contact attempts.

Chat securely with all your friends and family.

Preserve your own privacy in showing your contacts when and how they can/should contact you and enjoy a moment of peace.


With Unify – Team Collaboration you can improve your employees interaction, productivity and business collaboration and achieve employee productivity gains of up to 10 %.

Extend your in-house business communication solution to include real-time presence from almost any mobile network operator, external customer, partner or business contact. 

Our solutions cover real-time presence from all over the world.

Push presence directly into Skype for Business (and later into Teams) and other PBX systems.

Mobile operators

Extend your product offering for both consumer and enterprise customers.

Offer real-time, cross network, cross-border presence enabled solutions to your customers.

Reduce churn and increase customer base in offering more advanced presence enabled services.

Finally you can implement our Unify – Team Collaboration solution and start to compete with Messenger, Whatsapp and Skype.

Give your business clients a gateway solution that will push presence directly into any Skype for Business (and later into Teams) and other PBX systems.

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